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Pricing for Seo Training and Bespoke SEO Services

We like to be fair and open, and we put a lot of effort into deciding upon pricing for individual projects. ‘How much will my project cost?’ is a ‘how long is a piece of string?’ kind of question: bespoke services require bespoke pricing, and like most design and optimisation companies we quote on a
project-by-project basis.

Having said that and because we like to be as open as possible about our pricing structure, below you'll find a guide to the pricing of some common projects. We would point out that firm prices can only be provided once your precise requirements have been established through friendly consultation.

Search Engine Optimisation

Different websites have different needs – as do their owners. You may know very little about SEO, or you may know a great deal but lack the time to put your knowledge into action. You’re busy running a business, after all! So we offer three basic options for customers seeking optimisation services. Once you’ve chosen the one you think will work best for you, we can tailor it to fit your exact needs.

Option 1: SEO Consultancy

This is a very popular option with customers as it offers flexibility and control over expenditure. Typically, customers 'rent' our expertise on a 1,2 or 3 day basis each month. The amount of time you book is up to you. Our timings on this kind of project are never set in stone. Because we believe in working to fulfil your needs – rather than forcing you to conform to our way of doing things – the SEO consultancy option is very much an informal, flexible service. You can arrange consultation at any time subject to our availability, and there’s no need to worry about lengthy contract durations.

Consultancy costs are £55 per hour. See the SEO Consultancy page for more details.

Option 2: SEO Training

Interested in learning how to optimise your business website for high rankings? Then our Training Service is for you. Consisting of intense one-to-one tuition, this two-day course will give you the knowledge and insight you need to drive your website up the search engine rankings.

The course, conducted via Skype, currently costs £900 + Vat. See the SEO Training page for more information.


Option 3: Full Hands-On Search Engine Optimisation

This is perhaps the simplest option - we do all the work for you! This is perfect for business owners who do not have the time to learn new skills and apply them to their websites. However, it can place great demands on our time. As such, it is priced on a bespoke basis only, with fees appropriate to the level of competition in your intended market sector and choice/number of keywords desired. Please contact us for more information.


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Examples of client work from our 'early days' to date ranging from small personal sites to business brochure sites and full eCommerce.

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After 20 years in SEO I spent a year writing my DIY SEO course which details all the techniques that I do for my clients. It's written in good, old fashioned 'English' so that you can do it too!

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