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SEO Consultancy services

Our consultancy service is aimed at working with you to ensure that your website performs to its maximum potential, and also at helping you develop in-house SEO knowledge and skills based on the demands of your business.

The SEO consultancy process starts with an appraisal of your web presence as it stands. This includes looking at your site, important keywords, your market sector and your competitors’ websites. Together, we then decide upon the strategy that best suits your business and discuss the options available to you.

The aim of professional search engine optimisation is to deliver high-quality, targeted traffic. So the aim of our consultancy service isn’t just to drive more visitors to your site – it’s also to ensure that a larger percentage of your total visitors become paying customers.

Because you can book just a day or two at a time (or even by the hour if you wish) with no long-term commitment, our consultancy service is both flexible and affordable - almost a pay-as-you-go alternative to forking out large amounts of money in one go. There is no predetermined period of contract, so you can stop using our service at any time. We believe in being open with our customers, we’ll give you an estimate of how much time your project will need. But we will be governed to a large extent by your budget.

Many of our consultancy customers choose to form a long-term relationship with us, based on regular consultations, simply because our assistance helps their businesses grow so successfully.


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Examples of client work from our 'early days' to date ranging from small personal sites to business brochure sites and full eCommerce.

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After 20 years in SEO I spent a year writing my DIY SEO course which details all the techniques that I do for my clients. It's written in good, old fashioned 'English' so that you can do it too!

DIY SEO at Fresh Bananas

If you've never considered doing DIY SEO before then think again as it's easier than you might imagine. A great course written by an expert is all it takes...

Open quoteTin Soldier optimised our site for some very competitive keywords and the result is stable rankings on page 1 for those phrases. If you want to rank for the long term Tin Soldier delivers solid, sustainable results.
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