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SEO Consultancy & Web Design work by Tin Soldier

Based in Devon, UK we've been providing a range of effective Seo Consultancy packages and Web Design services to an ever increasing range of customers and markets since 1996. We have built up a substantial portfolio of clients across a wide range of business sectors.

If you are interested in taking up our services we totally understand that you will want to see some of our work and speak to the people who we've done work for. Please feel free to drop us a line and we can supply you with a list of some websites that we've worked on and contact information so that you can verify our work for yourself.

Also we have a selection of Client comments available should you wish to read what our customers say about us.

client work from our 'early days' to date ranging from small personal sites to business brochure sites and full eCommerce.

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After 20 years in SEO I spent a year writing my DIY SEO course which details all the techniques that I do for my clients. It's written in good, old fashioned 'English' so that you can do it too!

DIY SEO at Fresh Bananas

If you've never considered doing DIY SEO before then think again as it's easier than you might imagine. A great course written by an expert is all it takes...

Open quoteTin Soldier created our first web site 8 years ago. They optimised our site for high rankings in major search engines and it has consistently remained on page 1 of Google over that time. This has resulted in the significant growth of our company.
Their professionalism and attention to detail is second to none.Close quote

Sandra Lingard